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The glucosamine revolution is here.

TSI’s GlucosaGreen® glucosamine is produced by an innovative and patented direct fermentation technology that will revolutionize the global glucosamine market. This extremely efficient technology effectively addresses the challenges inherent in chitin-derived shellfish production, the most important being environmental pollution.

  • Vegan Friendly – Non-animal, non-shellfish glucosamine alternative.
  • Patented – ‘Disruptive’, solution driven technology.
  • USP Compliant – Full compliance with USP and international monographs.

GlucosaGreen® is a convenient, environmentally friendly and sustainable alternative.

The direct fermentation process generates significantly less waste water and only 2% of the solid waste  created by chitin glucosamine manufacturing.  Furthermore, a chitin free supply chain provides price stability and increased transparency.  As the environmentally responsible choice, GlucosaGreen® is set to replace shellfish origin material as the next generation of glucosamine.

  • Safety and toxicity tested and verified
  • Manufactured to the highest cGMP standards
  • Non-GMO, shellfish-free and allergen free
  • USP, JP and EP compendial grades available

GlucosaGreen® is registered trademark of TSI Group Ltd.
Above informations and statements are adopted from
the official data of GlucosaGreen® 

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