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UC-II® supplies collagen with undenatured type-ll collagen for joint function support. It is manufactured in the United States through a patented, low-temperature, non-enzymatic process. Four clinical studies show that the benefits of 40 mg of UC-ll® are joint comfort, mobility and flexibility.1

  • Small and effective 40 mg dose
  • Self-Af rmed GRAS
  • NDI - FDA noti ed and published NDIs
  • Made in the USA in a GMP- certi ed facility

UC-II® is a natural ingredient which contains a glycosylated, undenatured type-II collagen from chicken sternum.1 Previous studies have shown that small doses of UC-II modulate joint function in both OA and RA.1

UC-ll® is so effective you only need a small amount of this undenatured form of type ll collagen once-a-day to support joint comfort. Recent research suggests that UC-II® is significantly better than glucosamine + chondroitin.1


Collagens are the most abundant family of proteins in the extracellular matrix of connective tissues. Structure of native collagen: characteristic triple helix of three polypeptide chains rich in Gly, Pro and Hyp.

Based on their supramolecular organization, 26 different types of collagen have been described. Besides its biomechanical properties, collagens have other functions which are strongly dependant on the supramolecular triple helix structure: Cellular differentiation and gene expression, Cell attachment and migration, Tissue homeostasis regulation.2




Significantly more effective

Statistically significantly more effective than
glucosamine plus chondroitin as measured by WOMACK


Lugo JP, et al. Ef cacy and tolerability of an undenatured type II collagen supplement in modulating knee osteoarthritis symptoms: a multicenter randomized, double-blind, placebo- controlled study. Nutr J. 2016;15:14.

Clinically Studied in
Healthy, Active Adults

Average Knee Extension in Healthy Subjects


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Unique Mechanism of Action1

The etiology behind UC-II’s impact on OA symptoms is not known. However, undenatured type II collagen has been shown to protect animals against the onset of joint damage in both OA and RA experimentally induced arthritis models. This protection is hypothesized to occur via the induction and migration of T-regulatory cell (Tregs) to the area of inflammation and damage. The proposed role of Tregs may also have relevance to the moderation of OA symptoms, as in vitro studies have found that Tregs produce anti-inflammatory cytokines that stimulate chondrocytes to synthesize cartilage matrix components.

Oral tolerance (OT) is consists of the oral administration of antigens (Ag) that could alter the response of the immune system. This is a form of peripheral immune tolerance in which mature lymphocytes in the peripheral lymphoid tissues are rendered non-functional or hyporesponsive by prior oral administration of Ag. This therapeutic approach requires the orally administration of Ag and the active participation of the gut-associated lymphoid tissue (GALT), a tissue comprising Peyer’s patches, intraepitelial cells and villi containing epithelials cells which is a well organized immune network. The mechanisms by which OT is mediated included deletion or anergy and active cellular suppression. The primary factor determining which form of tolerance will be developed after oral administration of Ag is the Ag dosage. Thus, it is thought that low doses of Ag induce the generation of active suppression, via regulatory T cells in the GALT, which then migrate to the systemic immune system. These regulatory T cells produce down-regulatory cytokine pattern.


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UCII® is registered trademark of Lonza Inc. 90 Boroline Road Allendale, NJ 07401 USA
Above informations and statements are adopted from the official data of UCII®,
by permission of Lonza Inc.

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